What is a LOLER Inspection & Who Needs One?

LOLER is an abbreviation for the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations which were brought into practice in 1998. They govern anyone who owns, operates or has control over lifting equipment. A LOLER inspection is carried out by a competent, qualified person who can assess your lift’s integrity and ensure all lifting equipment is fit for purpose and marked both suitably and safely.

Crucially, for your business to comply with LOLER a formal inspection must be carried out by someone who is trained and certified in lift inspection, but is also independent. The inspector must be independent so that the assessment is objective – which is where we, as qualified lift engineers, come in.

Do I need a LOLER inspection?

In short, that means if your business OWNS or RENTS any form of lifting equipment in it (whether that lift carries goods or people), they must meet the LOLER regulations. A LOLER inspection is carried out as a thorough examination by a competent person The inspection will assess your equipment and this assessment can be accessed by Health and Safety inspectors who enforce LOLER.

To put this simply, failing to have your lifts LOLER inspected can mean failing to meet the HSE’s requirements. However, there’s even more of a reason to have them carried out: not having a LOLER inspection exposes your business to the risk of injury, which itself carries cost implications through fines and closures.

The fines can be extremely heavy – with many smaller businesses unable to afford the costs attributed to failing to comply with LOLER.

What LOLER Inspection Frequency Do I Need?

HSE guidelines govern how often your lifting equipment needs to be inspected. For lifting equipment and accessories which are used to lift people, LOLER should be done every six months. This includes elevators, window cleaning equipment and platforms. Lifting accessories must also be assessed every six months.

Lifting equipment that doesn’t lift people can be inspected every 12 months. This includes forklifts and other warehouse-style machinery.

How much does a LOLER Inspection Cost?

There’s no clear answer to the cost of a LOLER inspection – as it varies depending on your facilities and business. In general, LOLER Inspection Costs start from £75 for passenger lifts, with stairlifts and hoists starting at £50 and £25  – however costs are entirely dependent on the site, how many units you have, physical constraints of the location etc.  We offer competitive pricing and can combine LOLER inspections with other lift maintenance and lift repair work.

In short, it’s a good idea to get LOLER inspections done every six months if your business has any passenger lifts in it. During the inspection, which needs to be done by a competent person who is independent to your business, they will assess the lift with visual examinations, functional checks, wear measurements and non-destructive/load testing where needed. Don’t take risks when it comes to inspections – choose Rise Elevator for your LOLER inspections and we’ll carry them out as regularly as is required for you to remain safe and compliant.