Passenger Lift Training Courses: Why Passenger Release Training Is Essential

If you’re a facilities or building manager in any structure that has a passenger lift, there are certain legal obligations you must be aware of. One of these is the proper upkeep and maintenance of a lift, governed by LOLER inspection regulations.

With LOLER inspections, a ‘competent’ person must be chosen to carry out assessments. But what if no one on your site is ‘competent’? That’s where we step in to offer LOLER inspections.

However, you can’t always rely on an external provider – especially when safety is involved. Instead, you need to ensure you have someone on site who can safely evacuate passengers from a lift at all times.  This is where the importance of passenger lift training courses comes into play. LOLER regulations stipulate that you must have suitable arrangements for the safe release of passengers.

Basically, all of this adds up to make passenger release training essential.

What is passenger release training?

Passenger release training gives your staff on-site the ability to safely evacuate passengers in the event of lift failure. Rather than relying on emergency services, you can skill up your team and give them the confidence to act when needed. In addition, you can avoid potential fines caused by calling out emergency teams to non-emergency events.

As a lift owner, you must take responsibility to appoint competent people to carry out a safe release. These trained operatives must be trained on each lift you have and must receive new training if a new lift is fitted.

Lift failures are rare – but it’s best to be prepared. By offering this training to your team, you’re demonstrating best practice, giving them confidence and upholding your LOLER obligations.

We offer passenger release training at our own training facility and can also deliver training remotely at your own site. The sessions will fully equip your team with the knowledge they need to evacuate passengers and feel more confident around all passenger lifts on your site.

If you’d like to train your team, our passenger release training course is an essential passenger lift training course that will boost confidence, fulfil legal obligations and ensure safety.